STORIES x Galerie de Jaloezie – Epilogue

Reflections on Home

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Noticing, remembering and imagining the mundane and the ordinary details that together assemble into a form of intimacy. In a guided meditation we prepare your senses and art of noticing for the screening of Malintzin 17 (64’, 2022), followed by a collective reflection on details of intimacy of our childhood homes. This film invites us to reflect on how shared notions of intimacy manifest in specific, mundane but fleeting details of childhood, parenthood, the neighborhood and community.

After the passing of her brother, Mexican filmmaker Eugenio Polgovsky, Mara Polgovsky adapted footage he shot of his daughter while watching a pigeon. This film captures the rhythms of Mexico City from a single balcony, observing the multiple stories embedded in seemingly insignificant observations. Featured during the 2022 IFFR Tiger Competition.